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Generic Latisse- To enhance the beauty of your eyes

By ,  Generic Latisse

The beauty of a person lies in both heart and body and this can be easily seen through their eyes. A lot can be read in a person’s eyes and they can are the most beautiful part of a human. No doubt eyelashes are the beautiful part of the eyes. Eyelashes are not an ornamental part of eye but they play a vital role which helps to stop the foreign objects from getting in to eyes. Eyelashes are natural and some people do face the problem due to not having thick and beautiful eyelashes. You can now buy Generic Latisse online which is serum used as a remedy to enhance the eyelashes naturally.

Glaucoma treatment

This Bimatoprost solution is not only used to enhance the eyelashes but is also used so that it can help to treat glaucoma. Glaucoma is an eye disorder which can result in loss of vision. The optic nerves which make them aware of light by sending a message get damaged. The exact reason behind the process is not known but this results in less blood flow in the optic nerves and due to this a lot of pressure is been created on the eyes which eventually results in glaucoma.

While you are using Generic Latisse for treatment of glaucoma you need to make sure that you instill a drop of eye solution in your eyes. This medicine works by expelling the excess of fluid from your eyes which helps you get glaucoma treated.

Enhancing eyelashes

Like our hair grows and sheds same way the eyelashes grow and shed. This eye serum works on the increase in the growth of the eyelashes and increases the hair growth spots. You need to apply a drop of solution on the upper eyelid and after some uses, you can experience the thicker and darker eyelashes.


  1. Generic Latisse is not been prescribed for the women those who have medical conditions which makes them unable to use the medicine.

  2. Also if you are allergic to any of the ingredient of this solution then do stay away from bringing in the use of this solution for treatment.

  3. During pregnancy or during breastfeeding make sure that you do seek advice from a physician for using this remedy for treatment.

Side effects

Eye redness, discomfort, itching, dryness or eyelid redness are some of the side effects which can be experienced after you use this Generic Latisse. It is necessary that these side effects are been treated effectively if they get worse or severe.


  1. If you use any contact lenses then do make sure that you do remove the lenses before 15 minutes of applying Generic Latisse.

  2. Make sure that you do spill the eye solution on other parts of the body as this can lead to the growth of unwanted hair.

  3. Generic Latisse is prescribed for continuous use and if you discontinue using this eye solution the eyelashes get to the original length.

  4. This medicine is available in bottle and once you start using Bimatoprost make sure that after 1 month of use you do dispose the remaining solution from the bottle.