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Various causes which lead to depression in a person

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Depression is one of the disorder which is extremely complex and this disorder occurs due to a variety of reasons. Some of the people do face depression due to some severe illness or due to death or move of the loved ones and due to a family history of depression. There are various reasons which lead to depression and one of the remedies which can help you treat this disorder is online gabapentin.

Before you use this medicine for treatment it is necessary that you do know about the cause behind this disorder

Genetics and biology

Depression ruins the complete life of the families. Many of the researchers say that genetics and biology are linked to depression. Children, sibling or parents those who are diagnosed with depression are more likely to face depression as compared to others. If this is due to genetic then the interaction of multiple genes causes depression runs in the family. But yet there are no studies which conclude the genetic and depression have any relation.

Brain chemistry imbalance

The certain imbalance in neurotransmitter results in depression and this are the hormones which regulate the mood.  A neurotransmitter is a chemical substance which helps the brain to communicate in different parts of the brain. When certain neurotransmitter are shortly supplied this leads to the condition like depression.

Female sex hormones

As per the researchers, it is believed that women do feel more depression as compared to men. Hormones are to be blamed in women which causes depression in women during women's reproductive years.

Women do have peak depression period during the menstrual period, childbirth or pre-menopause. The risk of depression declines in women during her menopause period.

Poor diet      

A diet is a way which can contribute a lot to the depression.  The various proteins and mineral deficiency lead to many symptoms which cause depression. As per the studies people those who consume omega-3 fatty acids or those who have an imbalance ratio of omega-6 and omega-3 are prone to the risk of having depression.       

Physical health problem

The mind of a person and body is completely linked to each other. People those who face the physical health problem can also experience that they do have changes in their mental health as well.

Depression due to physical health issues are related two ways.

The first one is the stress of having a chronic disorder which results in depression due to overthinking of the episodes of the disorder. Another one when the person has a disorder like a thyroid or liver disorder which can cause depression symptoms in a person.


People now a days due to a stressful life and various disorder rely on drugs. There are certain meds such as anticonvulsants, benzodiazepines and beta-blockers which if are used without the advice of a physician can lead to depression.

Not only drugs but sometimes due to excess load of work or due to heartbreak young generation rely on alcohol. Alcohol though helps you stay away from the situation for a short period of time but this invites depression in a person.

Above mentioned symptoms can be tackled over time but if you wish to overcome depression soon then using gabapentin pill can help you get your disorder treated.