Before we dig into the facts about Glaucoma, let us first understand what exactly is Glaucoma.

Glaucoma is actually a group of diseases which are responsible for the damage of the eye’s optic nerve. The optic never is a bundle of nerve fibers which carry information from the eye to the brain. This Glaucoma, if left unchecked and untreated, could also result in vision loss and even blindness. Moreover, anyone suffering with glaucoma will not experience or notice any initial symptoms that could wave a red flag. But you could prevent this permanent damage to your eyesight with its early detection and treatment. Since glaucoma causes vision loss and blindness without any noticeable symptoms, it is often termed as ‘The Silent Thief of Sight’. What an apt name!

Here are some facts about Glaucoma which you ought to know:

  • This glaucoma condition is usually caused because of the improper draining of the aqueous fluid within the eye. It further leads to fluid buildup and increases the eye pressure.

  • In the early stages of Glaucoma, there are no noticeable signs. The first symptom that anyone might notice is the loss of peripheral vision. If not treated immediately, it would eventually affect the central vision too and cause total blindness.

  • The best wat to detect glaucoma is to go through a dilated eye exam in which the doctor checks the optic nerve for any signs of glaucoma. If doctor suspects the presence of glaucoma, further tests like visual field tests and digital retinal scanning could be performed.

  • Anyone can get glaucoma but there are certain factors which could increase the development of glaucoma. Some of those risk factors are listed below:

    • Being over 40 years of age

    • Having diabetes

    • Having high blood pressure

    • Being an African descendant

    • Being an American descendant

    • Being a Hispanic descendant

    • Having a family history of this glaucoma disease

    • Being severely nearsighted

  • Glaucoma could be controlled by lowering and controlling the pressure build up in the eye through various approaches. Some of the treatments might involve use of medicated eye drops, laser procedures and some minor surgical procedures. All the treatments depend on the type and also stage of the glaucoma.

  • The unfortunate vision loss caused by glaucoma is a permanent one and cannot be reversed since a permanent damage has occurred to the optic nerve.

  • The best way to control the permanent loss of vision due to glaucoma is by early diagnosis of the condition. This is why it is very essential to get a complete eye exam at least once a year.

  • If the glaucoma is detected its early stages and if proper treatment is given immediately, then its progress could easily be slowed down to a significant level.

There is no cure for glaucoma, early detection and treatment is our only way out. So, remember, regular eye checkups at least once a year is your best- and also the only- weapon against the eternal blindness caused by glaucoma.