Is it herpes? Here are some symptoms to be sure

Before we begin let u first get a clear idea of what exactly are herpes. Herpes is the name given to a group of notorious viruses which are responsible of causing painful blisters and sores on your body. Now this herpes can either be caused by Herpes zoster virus which cause chickenpox and shingles or Herpes Simplex Virus type 1 and type 2 which cause cold sores and fever blisters around the mouth and also sores on the genitals.

The type 1 of Herpes Simplex Virus is caused by general interaction with the affected person such as sharing something with him or her or kissing while the type 2 of Herpes Simplex Virus is caused by sexual interaction with a person already suffering for Herpes Simplex Virus 2.

Sadly, there is no known treatment for herpes but there are some treatments which could lessen the pain and relieve the symptoms. Be that as it may, before you bounce legitimately for the treatment, here are a portion of the manifestations of herpes that could enable you to choose in the event that you truly need that arrangement for herpes.

Symptoms of oral herpes:

The oral herpes is less painful than the genital herpes and its symptoms include the following:

  • Sores on the lips

  • Sores around the mouth

These sores on the lips and around the mouth are called cold sores or fever blisters. These sores could happen inside the mouth as well but that usually happens during the first few times. These sores could last for a few weeks and then disappear on their own. But beware, these sores could pop up again after some weeks, months or years!

There could also be a tingling sensation, itching or burning sensation around the mouth before the sores make an appearance. These sores- harmless to kids and adults- could be very dangerous for the newborn babies.

Symptoms of genital herpes:

The symptoms of genital herpes are sometimes so mild that they might go unrecognized many times. But when the symptoms do appear, they could be characterized by one or more genital or anal blisters or ulcers. The initial genital herpes episode could be quite severe but the worst part about this infection is that the symptoms might recur time and time again. One of the most common symptoms is the appearance if a group of itchy or painful blisters on the vagina, vulva, cervix, penis, butt, anus or the inside of the thighs. These blisters then break and turn into sores.

Some of the other symptoms of this genital herpes include burning sensation while peeing when the urine touches the sores, or having trouble breathing as the sores swell up and block the passage, intense itching sensation or pain around the genitals.

One may likewise encounter some flu like side effects, for example, fever, chills, swollen organs in the pelvic region, throat or under the arms. One might also suffer from headache or feel tired all the time.

The symptoms of herpes come and go often, but just because the symptoms are gone, it does not mean that the infection has gone too.