We, at the, are more than happy to provide proper medication to our customers with outstanding services. However, we do have a right to ask for a right prescription. We expect our customers to send us valid prescription details for respective medicines which the customer wishes to buy so that the total outcome is satisfactory and beneficial to the customer. The customer can send us the prescription details via email.

Our Prescription Policy consists of some terms and conditions. They are as follows

  • If a prescription is mandatory for any product/drug which the customer wishes to buys, the product will be shipped only after receiving a valid prescription.

  • The prescription dispatched to us should be written in English language and it must also be signed by way of a certified pharmacist or doctor.

  • If the prescription isn't acquired within the stipulated duration, we will recollect the order to be cancelled.

  • The customer must mention the order number, and name in the email.

  • After receiving the customer’s original prescription, our pharmacist will verify it against the information provided to us at the time of ordering the product. If the information does not match with the original prescription, we will try to contact you using the information provided by you at the time of registration. In the even that we cannot contact you and unable to dispense the item(s) on your prescription order, we hold the right to return your prescription to you.

  • In case, the customer wishes to consult our doctors or nurses, they will be subjected to telemedicine regulations where they will need to complete a video consultation with one of our doctors or nurse practitioners, and only then will the doctor take the full responsibility of prescribing medication to them.

For any queries, please get in touch with our customer service at anytime.